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    Honestly, Zund…. I probably can still see the feed, and thought about watching it. But I really don't see the point of that, similar to reading the other prelude stuff.

    There was a time not long ago that I would have been all over viewing the stream, but I don't care anymore, ya know? Shitbag factor overload.

    I also agree with where you're coming from in principle.
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    I read the one from the guy that tried to shoot up the sorority in CA a few years back. From a basic interest in the study of mental illness. It was actually interesting because you could see the point in time, in his writings, where the sociopathy emerged. That manifesto was more of a long running journal from his childhood, not written all at once so it almost was intriguing to see when it full-blown activated at a certain point in his teenage years.

    This one, I have little interest in because he's in full-blown manipulative stage and wrote it all apparently two weeks before the act, so it's not going to be realistic introspection, it's just a waste of time on 74 (or is it 94?) pages of bullshit. Kind of like Ted Bundy making up stories about why he did it, after the fact. Or the iceman, or many before them.

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