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    Default Mossberg MC1 sc. Had to get one.

    Saw the new Mossberg MC1 sc at shot show and I have to say, it looked and felt fantastic. I decided to get one 2 weeks ago. Got the basic one. No night sights, no safety (they offer one with a wonky safety) The thing is built SOLID. Slide fit is perfect. Action is smooth. Most shocking is the trigger. Flat faced trigger and the pull is wonderful. Good take up, pretty dang clean break and the reset is firm and not long. 10x better than the glock 43. Sights look like a stock Glock as far as the white dots. Turns out, the sights are compatible with Sig sights. So easy upgrade if one would want to. Take down is almost 100% the same as a Glock. Strangely, the internal parts such as the trigger assembly looks oddly the same as Glock. I have heard Glock trigger parts are compatible, but I have not confirmed that. The mags that come with it are the plastic ATS glock 43 mags. One comes with the extension, one does not. However, the Glock +1 extensions fit perfect and function flawlessly. Stock Glock 43 mags work in the Mossberg. Put over 500 rounds through it so far with no malfunctions. Smooth shooter!!! For the price I'm impressed in its feel, function and features. It feels super solid so I'm not worried about it falling apart or having parts fail. I guess time will tell as it just hit the retailers about 3 weeks ago. Retail right now at some of the local shops is $322. No plastic case with it though. It comes in what looks just like a personal sized pizza box! Actually pretty dang funny as I felt like I was carrying out my lunch instead of a firearm when I purchased it.

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    If it drops in to the 225-250$ range I will get one. At 325$ I will stick with my sheild.
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