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    Default Is Glock falling behind?

    This is a spin off from the ?226 thoughts?? thread. I have always been a Glock guy (never a fan boi) but it?s hard to argue with something that has been proven and works. Over the last year or so, I?ve decided to expand my collection. I have to say, it?s hard to pick Glock over the competition. I recently picked up a CZ P-07 with suppressor night sights, threaded barrel, backstraps, etc for $409 shipped NIB. I don?t think I could find any Glock used with standard sights for that price. Yeah Glock has released some new models but IMO, they are behind the game. They are really going to have to step it up or reduce their pricing if they want to compete.
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    I've said the same thing in years past, specifically with the M&P pistols, but at the end of the day I keep going back to Glock, they just work best for me.

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    Default Is Glock falling behind?

    Nope. Glocks bread and butter has pretty much nothing to do with the civilian market. I?m pretty sure they still pretty much rule the law enforcement market and they are working their way into military contracts as well.

    Is their product the slickest, most high tech thing out there? Nope. But it?s functional with a proven track record, priced super low for contract bids, and so easy to maintain that a trained monkey could do it.

    I doubt if you went through the financial records at Glock there would be any evidence of them falling behind.

    Let?s not forget that a firearm manufacturer is a business and any business should exist for the sole purpose of making a profit. If your business has more or less dominated the market for the last quarter century and done so while basically offering the same product since day one then I?d say you?re doing something right.

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    Maybe glock has fallen behind in terms of lowering their price to be more competitive in the market.

    So many inexpensive pistols which are as good or better than glocks.
    Now H&K prices are in near par as glocks.
    I still have some glock, but it will be difficult for me to drop that much $$ on those "x" models.

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    If you ask me, Glock, in the civilian market, does a few things better than anyone.

    Parts interchangeability, and availability- If you had a Gen3 Glock 27 and a conversion barrel you had parts and mag interchangeability with about 95% of parts made for Glocks made up to that point. As a civilian you can do anything within the scope of human imagination to a Glock. Do you want a back plate of My little pony smoking pot with Barrack Obama? It might exist. With the exception of AR-15s there is no level of customization in the industry to the extent that we see with Glock.

    Simple- You can take a glock down in minutes with a simple punch. Not field strip but into everyone of its 30 some off pieces. Even with some of the other companies, they have roll pins and what not. I'll always pay a bit extra for this.

    My personal problem with Glock recently is they are seeming to drift away from those things slightly. A good example of this is the magazine compatibility with some mags and the 19x, 43x, and 48 models. Some of the newer gen5 17 mags (baseplates) won't fit the 19x and for whatever reason the 43 mags don't fit the 43x at all. Where as the previously mentioned Gen3 27 could take every 9mm mag, every .40 mag, every .357 mag. Couple this with the aforementioned high prices and why shouldn't I go with a Shield? Especially if I have to buy new mags?

    Sure Glock isn't breaking any new ground with their new models when compared to a Sig P365. But 3 more rounds isn't that crazy or ground breaking. I don't see anyone else making any fundamental developments to the gun industry. Lemme guess, single stack polymer 9mm? Does it have an RMR cut? Cool never seen those before... Glock knows it's role, and it does that better than anyone. even if you're not a Glock guy or fan boy, you can't deny that.
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