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    Default Glock question for Glock experts

    So here's the plan:
    I want to get a Glock 23, with a 9mm and a 357 conversion, as a nomatterwhat kind of gun.
    It would become my edc (hence the 23 vs 22) and the two conversion barrels would ride in my bdu wallet at all times, kind of survivalist thing, if you will.
    My budget is around $500.
    I am looking for the most cost effective way to do so.
    From my research it appears that Gen 4 has more caliber-specific recoil springs, and I stand a better chance of running 9 mm without having to switch the recoil springs with a Gen 3.
    What is your experience?
    Also, what is your recommendation for conversion barrels?
    I heard not so stellar reviews of the Storm Lake ones, better with the Lone Wolf ones (again, my budget is limited).
    I am aware of potential reliability issues if I don't use 9mm mags and ejector, but if I have to bring them with me all the time it kind of defies the purpose...
    So, what is the best compromise between cost,. reliability and feasibility ?
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    There is a gentleman on Glocktalk that regularly answers this question (re: parts interchangeability) with great detail and parts numbers etc, I'll see if I can find one of his posts and relay the information, but the short of it is, Gen 3 is identical between the 40 and 357 sig, minus the barrel (some mags had different followers between the two calibers, depending on year, but it shouldn't hinder performance), Gen 4 began to get a bit trickier in regards to extractors and what not. As for barrels, I would most definitely do a factory G32 barrel for the 357 sig, and while I haven't kept up with conversion barrels, I always had good luck with the Lone Wolf 40-9mm option.

    ETA: My first Glock was a G32 with an additional factory G23 barrel, and a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel, the best pistol I've owned, and I regret getting rid of it all the time.
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    If your budget is $500, get a police trade in Glock 23 Gen 3.
    Then go to bear creek arsenal and get a 9mm conversion barrel and a 357 sig barrel.

    If you can stretch your budget a little, you can get "better" barrels...

    Just as an FYI, 9mm conversion barrels (non-bear creek arsenal and their other private branded barrels) will usually start at $120. With a starting price of the Gen 3 police trade in's at $350, you're already moving past your budget with only 1 barrel.

    That being said, I really haven't heard anything bad about bear creek arsenal barrels. They have a lifetime warranty and if you can't hit minute of barn with it, they'll replace it.

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    I’m always a huge fan of the Gen3 over the newer gens. As stated there are different part numbers for the different calibers in the gen4. Glock usually doesn’t do any for no reason. Which is why I’d avoid them: like wise the Gen3 springs are for 19,23,32 etc... I run a converted 22 with a lone wolf barrel. It worked great as converted and even better with the ejector changed to a 9mm one. I just didn’t like where the brass was going.

    Find a Police trade in 23. Get a BCA barrel or look on eBay and gin broker for a cheap used lone wolf, but since the mid size is the most popular, check arms list or even here for a used barrel.

    I’m on the lookout current for a nice factory 31 barrel because I also want to spend $30 a box of ammo Hahahah.
    I like my guns like I like my women: Black and Austrian... and easily traded when a new model comes out.

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    Way late for the party but.

    I have an older Gen 3 G-22 that I converted to 9mm. Just a lone Wolf conversion barrel. I didn't change the extractor. With 9mm mags and using a weapon mounted light, it is more reliable than it was using 40 ammo. For grins, I used the G-22 mags with 9mm ammo and it worked way better than I, expected. A few malfunctions but nothing like I expected.

    So it os functional within your parameters. But not super reliable with 9mm ammo and 40 mags.

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