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    Quote Originally Posted by jreifsch80 View Post
    Johnny let me know if you want to go shooting anytime out at galeton being you're a fellow windsorite, frankly if we have a fall shoot I'll bring my ak's.... All of them hehehehe (I'll need to build a big folding rack though)
    I would be delighted to join you! Going to have a window of opportunity right between the end of hail season and the middle of hurricane season, so late August/early September my schedule opens up considerably. If you need a big folding rack held together by randomly sized handcut dovetails, I have a spare.
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    I ended up accidentally trading mags with someone & would like to tade back please. Its my cz75 mag with a small reddish x marked on the foot & has windows. Pic soon.

    [Edit] Think it might have been with Rucker61 & his Cajun Tactical Cz75 as the mags are quite similar. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Great-Kazoo View Post
    IF a fall shoot is possible, i might show up. Just need enough lead time and perhaps a place to stay for a day.
    My guest room is vacant, your welcome to stay when ever you want.
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