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    Default Beards and Fades Barbershop (Colorado Springs)

    Since we don't have a regular business review section, I'll post this here.

    Here's the same review I posted on Google:

    After doing some research on the best place to go, I walked in this morning with no appointment. My barber, Will, immediately greeted me and sat me down so we could talk about what I wanted for a beard trim. He did an amazing job, going above and beyond. The men working were all friendly and the business has a great atmosphere.

    The place was very clean, and the attention to detail they have put into the business was noticeable. The prices are very good, competitive with chain shops, but the service and quality provided is MUCH better than a franchise barber shop.

    If I wasn't on a time constraint, I would have wanted to hang out a little more just to talk with the guys in the shop as I immediately felt comfortable.

    A very relaxing experience, and I will definitely be going back as long as I am in Colorado Springs.


    What I didn't post on Google review:

    I was CCW today, as usual. Since I knew I'd have to take off my outer shirt, I left the pistol and mag in the vehicle since it would result in OC and I wanted/needed the beard trim without any drama. Will noticed the empty holster when I got up to pay and said I didn't have to take it off to come in, and that they fully support carrying firearms. So, obviously I will definitely be going back.

    Great staff. Very familial atmosphere (well, maybe not kid friendly with the rap music playing). Very jocular. Think the barbershop scene in Coming to America, but younger men instead of older men. If I didn't have a straight razor on my face I'd have been laughing the entire time.

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    I'd put it up in Buyer Intel too.
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