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    Default Colorado bill regarding titling military vehicles

    So in the last legislative session they changed some definitions of military vehicles in regards to titling for on road driving licensing.

    Anyone read legalese and can determine how this effects surplus Humvees?

    Here is the signed version of the bill:

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Prowers Journal
    UPDATE: Senator Crowder Urging Action on Converted Military Vehicles

    Russ Baldwin | Jan 24, 2019

    State Senator, Larry Crowder, representing District 35 in southern Colorado, is offering testimony on SB19-054 in La Junta Monday, January 28th at Otero Junior College before the Senate State Affairs Committee. Crowder says the bill will try to fix a computer conversion the state inaugurated last September which eliminated military surplus vehicles from being registered for highway travel in the state. The IT conversion created a situation in which military trucks are no longer registered and Crowder says this is impacting several businesses, including one in Lamar, which has been in operation since 1961.

    Full Article

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