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Thread: S&W Sport II ?

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    I've had great service from S&W. I didn't have to jump through any hoops (phone call/pre-paid shipping label/repair/return). They've even gone above and beyond for me, including when I accidentally bent a spring in my SW99 .45. Their relationship in the past as Walther's importer, I've never had to deal with.

    Since 2013, Walther Arms has facilities in Fort Smith, Arkansas and handles warranties for the Walther products. My wife's PPQ has the S&W import marks. I bought mine a year later and it has the Walther marks. There's a big difference in Walther quality (and usually pricing) as to whether it's built in Ulm (P99, PPQ, PPS) or by Umarex in Arnsberg (P22, P380). I'm not sure if Walther's warranties are any different today.

    P22 manual states that the product has a 1 year warranty. Unfortunately any zinc alloy based gun is damn near disposable.

    If it's a PPK or PPK/S built by S&W under license from Walther, it's probably covered by S&W, but I have no idea. It was a complicated and incestuous relationship.
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    Mine has been 100% reliable and even the new version barrel has been sub-MOA. I got a 1/4 inch grouping with higher end ammo and just under an inch with 62 grain green tips. This is with a free float rail and new gas block however

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