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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoser View Post
    Conversions are a little more, but I can go from 9 to 223 in under 5 minutes. Add a couple minutes more if I have to swap out primer sizes.

    And the 1050 comes complete with dies and a conversion installed. Something the 550/650/750 dont.
    Good to know, so it is just more to the cost of the conversion. Wish I had picked up a 1050 for 223.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoser View Post
    I have always thought the 550 was a better press for the money compared to the 650. The 650/750 is worthless without a casefeeder.

    If your gonna get a 650/750, just save a few more pennies and get the 1050, especially if you reload 9 or 223.
    100% this!

    I started with a 550, learned .45 and .308 on one when I was 13. Bought one 5 years later and it's only gone downhill from there... I still have my 550, but it's solely for producing precision rifle ammo for 3 short action calibers.

    I bought a 650, for a smokin' deal through the board, and loaded several thousand 9mm on it with great success, but found myself wanting to tweak pieces and parts here and there, so I started poking around at the idea of a 1050.

    Hoser's posts, as usual, answered a bunch of my questions about getting into the 1050's, so I started watching for a deal/used one.

    I was actually only planning on buying 1, but due to my impatience and how ebay sometimes works, I very quickly ended up with 4 used ones... I was on a work trip for 6 weeks, hotels get boring even after 12-14 hour days, and my wife literally sent a picture of the 4 boxes captioned "WTF did you buy NOW?!?!?!?!". The best part? Two of them came with Mr Bullet Feeders...

    I have since sold off 1 of them to a shooting buddy, and have one setup for small primers, one for large primers, and the third currently is nothing but a 300BLK resize/trim/resize machine...

    As much as I liked the 650 compared to 550 for mass producing plinking/whatever ammo, the 1050 is that much better and more than the 650.

    They are worth the extra money.
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