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    Default OJ? Is that you?

    Rundown: Basically a B-Ball athlete was accused of rape in 2015. Prosecutors went after him, a judge dismissed the charges before it could go anywhere. Prosecutors appealed, won (appellate found an abuse of discretion on the part of the judge), and it went back to the same judge (yup, that's how our system really works). Anyway, after dragging out for several more years, it goes to trial. Judge also blocks the public release of the security camera footage.

    Jury acquits him of all charges.

    Obviously, none of us sat through the trial, and saw the presentations made by the prosecution and the defense. So there's only so much we can say. That said, in today's day in age, we are told that a woman can "revoke" consent at any time, still making it prosecutable rape. Normally that would be circumstantial and subjective and impossible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, but you should see the video the local news station acquired. No matter what story Mr. Basketball wants to tell, you can't argue at minimum, it's revocation of consent.

    Welcome to OJ Numba 2. If it we're a regular ol' joe, he'd be spending 8+ years minimum in the can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OxArt View Post
    Welcome to OJ Numba 2.
    2? you're missing a half dozen decimal places there.
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    What a POS. Reason #27,482,196 I despise so many professional athletes.
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