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Thread: Other Calibers

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    Olympic arms was the 1st ar-15 chambered in 9mm, 45acp, 10mm, 7.62x39 and WSSM calibers. When Olympic Arms was here in Colorado Springs The pistol cal and 7.62x39 were first released in 1982.
    In the 1994 catalog there were no less than 10 calibers that the could be factory ordered in AR-15's including 30 carbine.
    Olympic was also the 1st to offer a flat top upper receiver. Olympic was the original manufacturer of Simunitions (live fire training) weapons and barrels/actions.
    Olympic was trashed for making cast receivers. Only 689 were ever made in 6 months of 1994 and again 1044 were made in 11 months of 2001. In 40 years there were hundreds of thousands of forged lower receivers made.
    Olympic made contract full auto military weapons for the USAF, US Marines and Italian Military.
    Another interesting fact- although Olympic Arms is generally trashed in most AR forums most do not realize that Olympic has or continued up until recently to supply parts for most of the known manufacturers from receivers, bolts as well as lower and upper parts. Yes they even supplied Colt, Bushmaster, RRA, Palmetto, PAWS, etc, etc. The S.U.M. (Stainless Ultra Match) Broach cut barrels were a standard in which other AR barrels were judged for accuracy potential.
    Sad to see them closing their doors with the amount of innovation they have brought to the AR chassis.

    History lesson over...
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    I always wondered why they had such a bad reputation. In the days of the '94 ban Olympic was able to compete toe to toe with the Armalites, Bushmasters, and Colts out there. I second the sorry....

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