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    Looks like an awesome trip, love float trips and would love to do that some day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRnCO View Post
    IMG_0093 by Tim Richard, on Flickr
    And the monster. Dang they are big. This one has a 53" spread.
    There is a reason that they get referred to as "cow's on stilts" when it comes to processing them.

    Having hand butchered out (all the way to specific cuts and packaged in the freezer) several cows over the last few years, it has given me pause to continue putting in for my moose tag in CO, but I still will because the meat is 100% worth it.

    Congrats on an awesome hunt!
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    Amazing TR!

    Wish I had seen this earlier or known. I might have knocked on your door today to give you a high five when I was out at JB's getting my trailer.
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