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    Default 308 - JP BCG, light or heavy?

    Please share your thoughts...

    I am rebuilding an DPMS style 18" AR to go to a 16" with adjustable block to run suppressed. Rebuild is partially to correct BCG tilt (obvious strike marks at the buffer tube threads), and modernize the 10 year old gun.

    Barrel will probably be a Wilson Combat with intermediate length gas tube.

    I am leaning heavily towards the JP Enterprises BCG and buffer spring combo, but I am seeing conflicting info regarding the "low mass" versus the "heavy" BCG's.

    I wish to be stay 100% reliable with or without the suppressor, and I am not sold 100% on JP bolts yet, so what are your guy's opinions?
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    My feedback:

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    Full mass if you're going to be running it suppressed, use the silent buffer weight spring combo to tune it to not be harsh while suppressed. Then adjust gas as needed to find the happy medium when suppressed or not. The JP stuff is top notch.

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