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Thread: Skunk Weed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Guns View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrAK View Post
    No, I?m trying to shed light on the concept that we are preconditioned by our society to accept certain drugs and substances that alter our minds and bodies, and to demonize other substances.
    I personally believe alcohol to have had a greater negative impact on society and individual lives in a historic and modern day sense than pot ever has come close to.
    I gotcha. If there was no such thing as alcohol about 90% of the cops in the country would be out of a job. It does cause a lot of problems for society. Personally, I'm no fan of MJ. Not my thing. But I agree there are probably worse things out there. That's not to say that legalizing drugs is necessarily a smart thing to do. Just like some things that are legal to do may not be appropriate to do.
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