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    Default Critical Application Medical - November 9th and 10th

    Critical Application Medical
    Critical Application Medical is an advanced 16 hour course that will improve your medical capability in a direct and indirect threat environment. This course will build on the basic skills of TCCC/TECC and introduce students to the idea of performing the correct intervention at the correct time, because sometimes good medicine may be bad tactics. Previous trauma care class is required for this course, see below.

    Participants will learn new medical and trauma skills including the Glasgow Coma Scale, Lethal Triad, Vital Signs, Triage, Burns, Fractures, and more. Participants will also use various evacuation skills and tools to rapidly move patients to a safer location. Casualty Collection Points (CCP) and basic communications will be presented as well.


    • Review of TCCC/TECC
    • Burns, Fractures
    • Lethal Triad, Vital Signs, Triage
    • Evacuation and Rescue
    • Skills Stations
    • Cold Range Skills/Scenarios
    • Hot Range Skills/Scenarios
    • Casualty Collection Points
    • Communications
    • Interaction with Emergency Medical Services

    Equipment Required

    • Appropriate Eye and Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)
    • Rifle with sling and Pistol with holster
    • 200 Rounds of Rifle and 90 Rounds of Pistol Ammunition
    • Basic Kit - Mag Pouches & IFAK (Plate Carrier, Chest Rig, etc)
    • 3 each Rifle and Pistol Magazines
    • Lunch, Snacks and Water each day
    • Range and Weather appropriate clothing

    General Info

    • 16 Hours
    • Open to LE, Civillians, Mil
    • Completion of TCCC/TECC class required - Casualty Care, Stop The Bleed, etc.
    • 50% Deposit required at registration
    • 50% Due at time of class
    • All medical supplies will be supplied by us, after registering you will receive some info to complete about what medical kit you use to ensure we have enough.

    Any questions please let me know.


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