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    Default Vehicle Paint Correction?

    Does anyone here or know someone in Northern, Colorado they can recommend for paint correction? My '16 2500HD is in need of some buffing from the previous owners lack of care for the paint. It has swirl marks, light scratches, etc but nothing major. It doesn't help that is is black either. I have googled a few places but figured I would ask here just in case.
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    Ozzies over in loveland has always had a good reputation. Or check with the aims cc auto learning center thing over west of greeley south of windsor to see if they will compound buff it.
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    A good detailer at most large dealerships will be able to do it as well. I used to be a detailer at a Chevy dealership and with the right compounds and tools it amazing what you can do with super scratched up paint.
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    There's a guy just north of windsor who does paint & body work. I can give him a shout to see if it's something he's interested in.
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