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    Quote Originally Posted by encorehunter View Post
    No offense taken, just posting something I ran across. The only big bore I have had was an Alexander arms .50 Beowulf, which functioned great. I got rid of it because it didn't fit in with my needs. Now I'm in the market for a hunting caliber AR. My 6.5G is in the shop getting a make over because of poor workmanship. I understand the issues of not going tier 1.
    375 socom is a good option for hunting. Flatter shooting than the 458 and shots out to 300 yards are much more realistic with it, so it can be considered a bit more practical. Works with standard AR mags too.

    1) Brass costs slightly more than 458, but is directly available from SBR ammo.
    2) Less bullet variety and factory loading offerings than other big bores.
    3) Cost prohibitive without reloading (like every big bore).
    4) It's not as big as 45 or 50

    Anyway, this came in yesterday from Tromix. I'm looking forward to subsonic load development.

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