We're having a great Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Event @ Ark Tactical. Check out the info below, as well as the link and the pics. Special Store Hours 10AM-5PM on Friday and Saturday.

We are giving away 6 guns this weekend, 3 Friday, and 3 Saturday. 12, 2, & 4PM both days. We're giving away a Ruger AR at 4PM on Friday. Free ticket for showing up, plus a ticket for every $100 spent! Plus look for special items with ticket multipliers. Must be present to win.

Lunch on us from 11AM-1PM on Friday.

Door Busters
Heritage Rough Rider 22LR Revolver 4.75" - $99.99
Weapons of War Package - Delton 316L AR-15 Rifle & Century Arms VSKA Poly AK-47 Rifle - $999.99

Lots of other Items on sale too!
Here are just a few of the many items that will be on sale:
{-} Save 30% on All Cleaning Supplies & Cleaning Accessories
{-} Triumph Pivotal Trainer $429.99 Regular, $269.99 Sale! 5X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Magpul Pmag EV9 CZ Scorpion Magazine, $19.95 Regular, $17.95 Sale!
{-} All S&W Shield 380ACP, 9mm, 45ACP Pistols, 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} KelTec CMR-30 22Mag Rifle, $499.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} KelTec Sub-2000 9mm Rifle (MultiMag), $399.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Weatherby Mark V Deluxe Rifles in either 308 or 30-06, $2399.99 Regular, $1399.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Zev OZ9 9mm Pistol, Black, Threaded Barrel, $1728.99 Regular, $1499.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Glock Gen3 G17L 9mm Pistol, $649.99 Regular, $599.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Ruger SR1911 Commander Lightweight 45ACP Pistol TALO, $999.99 Regular, $899.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} Ruger SR1911 Night Watchman Commander 45ACP Pistol, $869.99 Regular, $799.99 Sale! 2X Ticket Multiplier
{-} All Anderson Manufacturing Complete Lowers, 3X Ticket Multiplier
{-} PSA Barrelled Upper Receiver, 16", 5.56NATO, No BCG or Carry Handle, $349.99 Regular, $249.99 Sale! 3X Ticket Multiplier
2 - Giveaway Schedule.jpg1 - WOW Doorbuster - 2019.jpg3 - Heritage ad.jpg003 - PRE-BLK FRI 2019 - EAGLES.jpg014 - Wiley X In Store Black Friday 2019.jpg013 - Benchmade In Store Black Friday 2019.jpgEFF EM DESERT TECH BLK FRI AD.jpgEDIT TShirt PRICING - Black Friday - SALE.jpg008 - BLACK FRI FOOD - 2019.jpg