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    Default Radon Mitigation

    I checked the member owned business section, didn't come up with anything.
    So, anyone here do radon mitigation or know someone who does?
    I'm checking with some of the local big names but if one of us forum members is in the business shoot me a PM.

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    I do testing. If you can describe your home I may be able to help. Part of the certification is understanding how mitigation works. Sometimes a homeowner or a knowledgeable friend (wink wink) can perform mitigation at a fraction of the price charged by firms.

    They usually hire subcontractors and keep most of the money, especially on the easy ones.

    However, there are homes that need specialized machines to create voids under the foundation so fans can evacuate the harmful gas.

    If you want some more information, let me know.

    Or if anyone needs info on home inspections and Radon Gas testing, contact me.

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