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I own/operate Angry Rooster Holsters. I primarily use Kydex (no leather). I can do custom images as well as get laser engraving done on the holster via Colorado Gunwrites. I've done some holsters for a handful of members here already.

Standard OWB holsters (no image or custom pattern) - $65 (add $15 for custom image/pattern OR laser engraving).
Standard IWB holster (no claw) - $55 (add $5 for claw)

Standard OWB light-bearing holsters - $75
Standard IWB light-bearing holsters - $65

Universal Double Mag pouch for Double Stack Mags - $40
Universal Single Mag Pouch for Single Stack Mags - $25

AR-15 Single Mag Pouch with Blade Tech belt attachment - $30

IWB Combo Rig Holsters (a.k.a. "sidecar") - $115

If there is anything specific you are looking to add to the holster, i.e. foam wedge, let me know and I can get you a quote on the cost. I do NOT charge extra for optic relief cuts.

Need some pictures? Check me out on social media at:


Just search for "Angry Rooster Holsters".

If you would like to call/text me: 720-383-0558

Take care & best wishes!

- Scott