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    Default Leather or suede lined kydex holster?

    Another member here has asked me to make him a kydex holster that is leather or suede lined. I've got basic holster making sorta figured out, but have no idea how to make a lined holster. My best guess is to glue the leather to the kydex before forming. Contact cement comes to mind as a possible adhesive, but I know from work experience that the bond can be susceptible to heat. Don't know if 350?F is hot enough to interfere with the bond, but it sure might be.

    I've found "high temperature" adhesives listed, but none of the manufacturers I've seen publish any data on what they consider high temp.

    Have any of you guys tried this?
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    Can you form it with the leather or its likeness in place and then glue it in afterwards?
    Even thermosetting shoe cements fail @ 350 degrees
    Look at Barge leather cement to glue it in for keeps, it’s good stuff.
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    I'm assuming the buyer wants it to be lined to protect the finish on the firearm. Maybe gluing a layer of felt inside would be enough to accomplish that goal? I've thought of doing this in the past.

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    I would imagine leather or any other material would allow moisture to be in constant contact with the pistol and cause problems. Just thinking out loud. Not sure as I know there are leather holsters out there. I just don't happen to have experience with them.

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