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    Default South African Safari

    I was wondering if any members have ever hunted in South Africa? If so do you have any tips or advice about traveling there? Got a little tipsy at the sportsman's expo and booked a hunt for the fam.

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    I've had a couple friends go. I get asked for large caliber ammo before their hunt. Make sure you have a few boxes. Have extra money to add hunts while you are there. For my last friend, he added about 6 hunts for things he knew he wouldn't have a chance for again.

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    Thank you. Since there will be 7 of us I figured on renting from the outfitter. Cost is $30 per day and it includes ammo. Not sure I want to deal with importing 7 rifles.

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    Ask about bird hunting and fishing.
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    I didn't even think about that. Thank you, I will.

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    That sounds pretty cool! What kind of game?
    I knew a guy that went with his family maybe 20 years ago, not a hunting trip but more of a camping thing. He really enjoyed it, stayed with Maasai a few nights and roughed it.

    I also remember him talking about all the inoculations needed. Stay safe and have good time! Share some pictures when you get back

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    Everything but the big 5. Pretty reasonably priced. 7 days hunting and 3 day 2 night safari at Kruger National Park. I will totally post some pics. Scheduled late June thru July. I really appreciate all the responses and tips from members.

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    So when you say everything BUT the big 5, can you elaborate because there are ALOT of different species out there. And goddamn you booked a hunt for the whole fam?! 7 of ya?! God i wish i could do that with my family. Congrats man! Thats definitely a bucket list style hunt for me. Id also love to hunt marco polo in Turkmenistan, but the "whole" fam definitely wouldnt be physically capable or even want to do that hunt with me since its pretty physically demanding and super cold. But how rad man! Wish my dad would have done something like that for us, thats gonna be an awesome experience and im sure youll create great memories with your family, thats what its all about right? How cool... goodluck man!
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    Depending on what package you pick you start with 2 animals. You can elect not to shoot those and use the credits towards anything on the list. You can even go for hyena that's not on the list but it's about 5k.

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