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    I am curious as to whom is "advising" instructors to do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Guns View Post
    I'd like to know where you're registered. I want to call the county and check out your certification.

    And how, exactly, will this speed up the process for students?
    No shittake mushroom.. The wait time is the wait time, as for "being on file" verification with the NRA is easy to do on their end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey Guns View Post
    Because it's bullshit. The n00b here hasn't the slightest idea what he's talking about... He's pulling a Jim Carrey (talking out of his ass).
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    My instructor put his NRA instructor # next to his signature on my certificate. I renewed at Arapahoe a few months ago and they had signs posted "certificates from online classes not recognized as proof of training". If anyone is considering going that route(scary thought) dont waste your money.

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    I see nobody has replied for a while, so let me add that there is still no state "registry" or questioning by the state. Yes, you should make sure your instructor is actually a certified instructor. That means certified by a national organization, (think NRA, or probably now USCCA, since they now do certifications). Sheriff Justin Smith hasn't questioned any of my credentials or students to date.
    That being said, I haven't had a single student ask for my credentials, although my NRA instructor number is on my certificates, and they can always check with the NRA for the info.

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