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    Read and acknowledged.... again
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    I have read and understand the rules

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    I agree to these rules and conditions.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlin View Post

    You must be in compliance with our Terms & Conditions, available here: Full Terms & Conditions

    The Terms of Service are also posted here for your convenience: Terms of Service. Note that ANY violation of the rules may result in a minimum two week suspension of board privileges.

    Compliance with new Colorado laws 01 JULY 2013
    Modified 01 SEP18:

    1. By participating in the Trading Post you acknowledge that all applicable local, state, federal laws will be followed.

    2. All magazines prohibited by HB13-1224 may not be listed on the site. This includes any detachable magazine with more than 15 rounds capacity, or for a shotgun any detachable magazine over 8 rounds capacity. It also includes any shotgun that uses tubular feeding devices that hold more than 28" of shotgun shells.

    3. All extensions for magazines that can bring the capacity over the limits set in HB13-1224 when offered with a magazine that could be constructed to produce a capacity over the limit of HB13-1224 will also be disallowed from the trading post (this includes any form of a magazine "kit"/"repair kit"). Additionally, any extensions that would bring the capacity of all available magazines which fit that extension over the limits in HB13-1224 are disallowed from the trading post.

    4. No firearms will be allowed for sale, trade or wanted ads if that sale includes a magazine, extension or combination thereof exceeding the limits of HB13-1224. You may sell it without mags, or get some non-banned magazines to sell with it.

    5. If you are selling a firearm as a C&R, you must state in your ad are selling this firearm as a Curio & Relic, which does not require an FFL transfer.

    FIRST, here are the Rules of the Trading post. You MUST read through them then make a post in this thread acknowledging them. You must be a member here for 30 days before you will have access to the Trading Post. Again, once you've been here for 30 days you will have access to the Trading Post (not before!) but you won't be able to post until you've made your acknowledgement post here. Making more than one (1) acknowledgement post isn't going to get you into or allow you to post in the Trading Post any sooner - but it will certainly draw the displeasure of the staff. If you post a For Sale or For Trade ad, and have not made an acknowledgment post here, or are not following the rules IN ANY WAY, your for sale/trade post will be taken down. Thank you for your cooperation.

    SECOND, The Seller sets his/her own requirements for their For Sale thread. This concept is pretty simple. If the seller wants a Bill Of Sale (BOS), or for the buyer to show ID, or for the buyer to do a cartwheel, then free market rules will determine whether or not they actually sell/trade their item. ANY comments about the sellers requirements other than those asking for further detail/explanation of the sellers requirements IS a violation of the SITE RULES.

    If you don't like the requirement(s), you have 2 options:
    (1) Move along.
    (2) Send a PM to the seller asking if they'd waive the requirement. If you take this option you are expected to do so with courtesy and respect - no need to get nasty.

    THIRD, The placement of your location in your profile is now MANDATORY.
    All members must list in their profile an honest and accurate location. This must be as specific as the metropolitan city/town you live in or close to (i.e. Aurora, Grand Junction, Trinidad). If you live in an obvious rural or unincorporated area you may list something like "Rural xxx County" (where xxx is the county you live in). Any intentional vagueness (no "Northern Colorado" or "Front-range") or deceit in this will be grounds for immediate and permanent banning from the site.

    FOURTH, some Notes:
    • Posts made in the Trading Post forums do NOT count toward your total posts on the site. We want members to contribute to the site, not just buy and sell things.
    • In certain Trading Post forums, such as Firearms for Sale, we suggest you not post until you have 15 or more posts accumulated.Please get these posts by Introducing yourself in the New Member Sign In forum and by participating in other forums on the site. Members here will be much more comfortable buying and selling with you if you've got a post history. New members have to be here for 30 days before they can post in the Trading Forums.
    • To prevent fraud, only moderators can delete threads in the Trading Post. If your item has sold or is otherwise no longer available, PM a moderator and they will update your thread's title with the reason and close the thread. Or better yet, use the report a post functionality. This is the Icon on the bottom of the post towards the left, that looks like a triangle with an exclamation mark in it.
    • Threads in the Trading Post may be automatically archived (deleted) after they age 60 days with no activity.

    Also by agreeing to these rules of the Trading Post you certify and agree that you are at least 18 years old and are legal to own a firearm in Colorado

    You should also remember this site rules acknowledgement thread identifies the potential penalty for violations of site rules:
    "ANY violation of the rules, may result in a minimum two week suspension of board privileges"

    The mods/admins on this site do not enjoy banning members for any length of time so we'd really prefer you don't put us in a position to have to take that action - follow the rules. We have been VERY leinent in administrering the penalties for site rules violations unless your actions are especially egregious. This will not always be the case. So again, don't put us in the position of having to play the heavies.

    Most of you are adults. Please, Try and solve any problems between yourselves before taking it up with forum administration.

    Once you make your acknowledgement post you will NOT receive any sort of response back to verify your ack was successful. If you have been a member in excess of 30 days you will know your ack was successful if you are able to post within the Trading Post forums. You only need to acknowledge one time.

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    Read and acknowledged. Thanks

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    Read and Agree, again
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    I agree and like the updated terms.

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    I understand and agree to the new rules of the trading post.
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    I have read and understand the rules of the trading post.

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