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    Default IDPA Side Match Info

    FR IDPA Side Match Info

    All FR IDPA side matches are free and completely optional. Your match score will not be affected by your participation in the side match. You must complete the main match to compete in the side match.

    Rifle/Carbine. Two (three) divisions. Service and Enhanced. No caliber or capacity restrictions. Muzzle breaks allowed in both. Optics or laser devices bump you into Enhanced. Multiple optics bump you into “Outlaw” division.

    Shotgun. Two (three) divisions. Pump and semi-auto. 12 or 20 gauge. Tube / tech loaders not allowed. Porting (factory or aftermarket) or tech loaders bump you into “Outlaw” division.

    Back-up Gun (BUG). Two divisions, Revo and semi-auto. Two divisions are only recognized if there is an on the clock reload. Sub-compact pistols such as Glock 26/27, 1911 Officers model, S&W J-Frame, or any pistol with a max barrel length of 3.8 inches and max revo barrel length of 3.0 inches. Minimum caliber is 32 auto. Max number of rounds to be loaded is 5.

    Stage descriptions.

    For Rifle / Carbine plan on targets from point blank out to 30 yards. Bring 75-100 rounds of ammo. That’s more than you would need, but you can take it home with you. Always a better bet than borrowing unproven ammo from someone else. Leave the tracer ammo at home. A mag pouch helps in case there is some type of reload.

    For shotgun plan on targets from 5 yards to 30 yards. Know where your shotgun hits with slugs out to 30 yards. Bring 5 rounds of 00 buck, 5 slug and 25 rounds of birdshot. No steel birdshot allowed as we sometimes use steel targets.

    For BUG stages plan on targets from point blank to 6-10 yards. Bring 25 rounds of ammo. No drawing from holsters in BUG matches.

    Sometimes we have one defensive type stage and one fun stage. Such as a plate rack or Texas Star with a shotgun just standing there. Not defensive at all, but a good test of skills and fun.

    Shotgun. Jan, Apr, July, Oct

    Rifle. Feb, May, Aug, Nov

    BUG. Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec
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    Can I JUST shoot the side match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wes11 View Post
    Can I JUST shoot the side match?
    Hi Wes,

    At FRIDPA you must shoot the main match to be eligible to shoot the side-match.

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