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Thread: Golden Gun Club

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    Default thanks

    Thanks Jason for the info. I kinda quit wqatching this post. ops: It's good to hear from someone else with experence with the GGC. I'm still pulling the $ together, so who knows.... Might see you out there sometime.

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    Hey Ripper,
    Here the info that I told you about today.
    New range in your neck of the woods(plains)

    Lead Valley Range
    Glenn Rotkovich

    12 Private Berms
    50 yrd w/11 stations
    100 yrd w/20 stations
    500 yard w/5 station

    7 trap ranges
    2 five stands
    1 24 station sporting clay
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    I'm on my 3rd year as a member of the GGC. OW, the president is a fine man and I find him very well suited to run a club with over 750 members. I have not run into any good ol' boy clubbyness.

    The trap and skeet ranges are open to the public and members get a discount. Rifle and pistol ranges are for members only. They are big on black powder and service rifle. Their pistol area isn't particularly laid out well for IPSC, IDPA, 3-gun, etc. Rules? No exploding targets, no .50 BMG and no FA high power rifle calibers due to the proximity of neighbors and I-70. I can shoot FA in pistol caliber, but they ask that I not do so on weekends when there are lots of non-member guests and matches going on. If I was shooting a black powder match, I'd be annoyed at the rat-a-tat-tat too.

    Like most clubs with shotgun and rifle, there is some minor tension between certain members. I once got some crap from the Fudds at the shotgun range for being on the rifle range after dark. A group of us put our guns away long before sunset, but sat down there and chewed the fat apparently too long for someone's tastes over at the skeet range (which is lighted for night use, BTW).

    There are a couple of "range nazi" members in the club. Most big clubs have their share. I had one give some shit to one of my guests once over some insignificant infraction that wasn't really a violation of the rules. But the nazi was the defacto R.O. and instantly shifted into Marine drill seargent mode. Then he threatened to kick my friend off the range for having a "attitude" because he rolled his eyes when he complied. Understand that my friend, a licensed Class 2 manufacturer and notable firearms author, has forgotten more about guns than this chest thumper will ever know.

    Hell, when I was a member of the shotgun-only TSSC at Buckley, the trap guys and the skeet guys tended to segregate into different camps. I think all clubs have some degree of that.

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    I joined the Golden Gun Club in 2003 for one reason, I needed the shooting qualification for the CMP as I really wanted an M1. So I joined up and took my M1A to the service rifle match. I was going to show up, shoot, embarrass my self, endure the laughter of the real shooters, and never go back.
    As it happened, I lined up next to O.W. (the Prez) and he was very helpful and not at all patronising or superior. I have not willingly missed a match since. The men and women that shoot there are nearly all classy, friendly people.

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    have been a member since 2005 and have never, ever had anything approaching a negative experience there. No good ole' boy crap, either. Instead, they have a nice facility for $165 per year with a work party slip, $275 without it. I work the sight in day and that saves me $110.

    If you want a place to shoot long range, short range, tournaments, etc., --all without hassle or anyone bothering you, then this is the place for you. If you want to "BS" with folks working at gun show, maybe it isn't.

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    No exploding targets!!! Blasphemy!!!!

    That's half the fun I have right there... boo! lol

    To each their own... I'm just bored.

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    I'm a member there too and I don't have anything but positive things to say.

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    I joined a couple months ago and love it. My Dad was in town a couple weeks ago and we went out there to skeet, rifle and pistol shoot and we were the only ones out there. I have never had to wait; I have never had someone in my grill like Cherry Creek.

    Great Club and I can’t be happier that I joined!
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    I've been a member every since the move to Watkins. I've been treated real good for the most part.

    There is a lot of old guys that have been members forever that can seem kind of clanish. Once you get to know 'em they're just a bunch of real nice folks.

    Overall, good rifle range, not bad for pistol shooting. Good trap and skeet ranges that are open to the public.
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    Going out next Saturday for an introduction and if all goes well will be a new member.

    Happy to see it has been around since 2006 in Watkins, and I guess even earlier when it was in "Golden"

    It's only about 20 minutes from me as I live in Aurora. A bit pricey, but I am pretty sure I will shoot enough to make it up.

    I'm honestly quite excited to find an outdoor range this close to me, and look forward to exploring it.


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