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    Default Pueblo Weekday Steel Challenge Matches

    Current as of June 2019...

    Back again this year starting in April Pueblo West Sportsmans Assn will once again put on Steel Challenge type matches on every Wednesday afternoon/evening. April thru Sept.

    The match staff, Teri, Rod, Carl, Charlene and myself will get there around 3:30 to start setting up. Shooting starts as early as we can get it set up, usually no later than 4:15.

    You, the shooter, can show up whenever you want after 3:30 till about 5:30-5:45. As long as you get started by 6:00, we can get you finished up before dark. Keep in mind it gets dark early in Sept go plan accordingly.

    If you are going to arrive after 5:30, please contact match staff to let them know that you are on the way. If everyone is done, we tear the match down.

    To shoot the whole match only takes 45 or so minutes although last summer one guy shot all four stages in under 15 minutes.

    You shoot each of the 4 stages a few times and we throw out your worst time. A mulligan of sorts.

    Minimum round count is 80 rounds. Bring 125-150 or so and as many mags as you own.

    Divisions will again be; Open, Iron Sight (Limited,) Revolver, Cowboy, Optic Sight Rimfire Pistol, Iron Sight Rimfire Pistol, Pistol Caliber Carbine, Rimfire Rifle and Shotgun. Those of you that live on the more Tactical side of life can shoot in IDPA division or the new for 2016 Concealed Carry divsion.

    Calibers allowed are pretty much any centerfire pistol caliber from 32 to 45. Shotguns can use lead birdshot only. No steel, buck or slug. Rimfires must be 22 LR only.

    Small of the back holsters, ankle holsters and shoulder holsters are not allowed. In the Waistband (IWB) is allowed.

    You can enter as many divisions as you bring ammo and guns for.

    Its only $10 for the first division you shoot in and $5 for each additional. Same with family members. First guy pays $10, each additional family member pays $5.

    Some of the stage diagrams are avail here.

    Others will be designed by the match staff that same day. Never the same is our plan.

    Get out there and try it. Your first match is free.

    Pueblo West Sportsmans Assn
    600 East Loma Drive
    Pueblo West CO 81007
    Weapon out and belly in Tales told of battles won
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    I'll be there every week again this year. Thanks for all the effort and time you put into setting up these matches.

    The steel challenge matches are by far the best bang for your buck of any match I've ever shot. I spend a lot more time shooting and a lot less time standing around at the steel matches.

    Semper Fi,

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    great match as always. now that we are warmed up can we use the tejas star next time lol.

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    Holy crap I had fun yesterday. Low key, go at your own pace, 3 chances on every stage, and shoot whatever you want.

    This might turn into a regular thing. I'm just going to have to pack all of my gear the night before.

    If there's nothing wrong with having to show an ID to buy a gun, there's nothing wrong with having to show an ID to vote.

    For legal reasons, that's a joke.

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    I had a good time. Thanks again Hoser for putting on the match.

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    Thanks Hoser for putting these matches on. They are fun and I have learned alot in the two I have attended. I wish I could get there earlier to help setup, but I can't get away from work.

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    Good fun tonight. Thanks for keeping this stuff going.


    "Men who carry rifles for a living do not seek reward outside the guild. The most cherished a nod from his peers."

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    These matches are a great, low stress way to break into competition shooting if you're new to it. They're much more low key than say, a USPSA match.

    Man up and get out there!

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    Great evening down in Pueblo. Shooting steel is way too much fun. Thanks Hoser for putting on such a fun match.

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    My first time shooting steel, or any kind of shooting competition. Was a ton of fun, met some really nice people too. Had several other new(-ish) shooters all together. I did alright, only one string that was really lousy. I actually shouted a profane question. And the string just after it was flawless, naturally. Realized that no one else was shooting from concealment so I got rid of the over shirt for my last round.

    Tons of fun, I'll be out there next Wed!


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