Here is just a little flavor of the different matches that are out there. Now you have no excuses when you say it is hard to get info on the different matches....

If you know of a match that isnt listed here, send me a PM and I will update this thread. .

All matches are outdoors and open to the public unless noted.

Some clubs offer new shooter classes, be sure to reach out to someone at the club before heading to the match.

Listing is current as of July 2019.

1st Sunday, Aurora
1st Monday Night, Colorado Springs WPGC (indoor)
2nd Saturday, Colorado Rifle Club
2nd Sunday, Boulder
2nd Sunday, Pueblo
3rd Thursday, Denver Bristlecone (indoor)
3rd Saturday, Ben Lomand
3rd Sunday, Weld County
4th Sunday, C/S - PPGC
4th Sunday, Clear Creek
4th Sunday, Gunnison

Steel Challenge
Wednesday Afternoons, Pueblo (April - Oct)
1st Saturday, Weld County
2nd Monday, Centennial Gun Club (indoor)
3rd Saturday, Colorado Rifle Club
3rd Sunday, Gunnision
4th Saturday, Ramah

1st Sunday Night, Centennial Gun Club (indoor)
2nd Tuesday Night, Arvada Pistol Club (indoor)
2nd Saturday, Clear Creek
2nd Sunday, Centennial Gun Club (indoor)
3rd Saturday, LaPorte
3rd Sunday, Colorado Springs
3rd Sunday, Arvada (indoor)
4th Saturday, Beyers
4th Sunday, Arvada (indoor)

Action/Tactical/IPSC Rifle
1st Saturday, Ramah
4th Sunday, Pueblo

4th Sunday, Weld County

Long Range Precision Rifle and PRS, not Benchrest Rifle
1st Sunday, Raton, Feb - Sept
2nd Saturday, Pawnee
2nd Saturday, Ft Carson / Colorado Springs
3rd Saturday, Ramah NRL-22
3rd Sunday, Pueblo
4th Saturday, Colorado Rifle Club
4th Sundays, Nov-Feb and other months, 22 lr only, Pueblo
4th Sundays, Ramah

Magnum Rifle, Raton
Check dates on

1st Saturday, Beyers
1st Sunday, Colorado Springs
2nd Saturday, Ben Lomond
3rd Sunday, Pawnee
4th Saturday, Weld County

Silhouette, IHMSA & NRA
3rd Saturday, Pueblo
4th Sunday, Aurora Smallbore
4th Sunday, Colorado Rifle Club

2nd Sunday, Frontier Gun Club (C/S)

3rd Saturday, Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club