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    Besides the sabotaged snow plows, the mayor said that a fake pipe bomb was left in Mount Vernon City Hall on Jan. 14 and "almost immediately after" the building was clear, someone set fire to a file cabinet in an office. He appeared to link the incident on Tuesday with the ones last month.
    Sounds like someone destroying evidence to me.

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    I didn't see that part of the article. Sounds like something bigger is going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irving View Post
    I didn't see that part of the article. Sounds like something bigger is going on.
    The comments are hilarious. Well worth the read

    Who would do a thing like this the mayor asked

    Youtube rubber glove challenge?

    A disgruntled proctologist?

    This is how AOC plans to stop the planes from flying

    "It’s a direct attack on the people ... We are not going to be intimidated ... this act of hate against the people of the city.”Gee, guess to which political party he belongs? It's almost like they just fill in a few blanks and repeat the same stale trope without a moment's consideration or evaluation. I bet the snow itself won't melt because it is sublimaphobic
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